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God Today is Sore - 3rd Nov 2008

by Caroline

This is the first day coming home from work by myself, as my OH has been at home. He is working and not home til late and I feel really lonely tonight.

A week ago tonight I had Sharon to the vets to get her last injections. I remember the look on her face at the prospect of going was awful.....and it hurts tonight.

Went round to Sharon's grave tonight and spoke with her for a while.

I am sitting at my computer thinking about a week ago and the tears are flowing...... :o( I miss my shab dog so much.

I am looking across to the sofa where she would always be when the two of us were in the house together, and it feels so empty without her.

I am really missing her tonight.....goodnight my sweet heart is really hurting for you...and I miss you terribly.

Mum xxx

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