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Still Lost - 1st Nov 2008

by Caroline
(Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

Sharon in July 2007 full of life

Sharon in July 2007 full of life

Last night was an awful night, cried a lot for you. This morning was no better. I missed you when I was out with the horses....I looked for you....but you were not there....

Megan is missing you, and looks lost and confused. I am trying to comfort her as well.

Today I cried a lot. I kept on expecting you to come round the corner...but it never happened.

Inside I held some of your hair as a reminder for you, and cried again....I am feeling very sad today...the pain is quite unbearable.. :o(

Today me and your Dad went to your grave and spoke to you. I am sure you know we do this each and every day now....we just want to reassure you that we are still with you....

Missing you so much my beautiful shab doggy...

Love Mum xx

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