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They Don't Understand

Jan 28, 2011

by Sun
(Santa Fe, TX)

Dear Charlie,

Somehow, I've survived the most painful and lonely 6 weeks. Last night was especially difficult to sleep, and Bud stayed up with me most of the night.

I am tired of so many insensitive people who think of losing pets equals to losing a pair of shoes. They would say, Oh, have a good cry and get over it, or go ahead, let it all out and get over it.

So, I decided not to even mention or talk about animals, period. I even had to take down all those wonderful animal calendars and replaced them with non-animal printed ones throughout the house, just to give a strong hint to even Tommy. I am still deeply disappointed in him that I had to remind him that I just lost a precious child.

My world is getting sadder and sadder, Charlie, just because you are not by my side anymore. Bud and Duke are here, but you too have to be here to make everything alright, because we are not a complete family without you. You were the baby in the family too, you weren't supposed to go that soon.

I just wonder what will happen to our family in the near future. As long as I can take care of Bud and Duke, I don't much care about anything else anymore. And, I really thought you would be with me, watching me taking care of Bud and Duke. It's supper time and I don't see my golden child.

Again, I open my phone to see his silent picture if nobody is looking, because they don't understand and I don't want to talk either. But, we need to thank Diana, Joan and Bette and their beloved children at the Bridge for their absolutely priceless support. Whenever I cannot stop crying, I know I could lean on them and the thought helps me out.

Good night, Charlie,

Loving Mom

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