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They Don't Understand

Jan 28, 2011

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Love Hurts
by: Joan (Heidi's Mom)

Dear Sun: I have read all your stories about your beloved Charlie and the pain that you are experiencing also lives with me. It is so hard to go on when we lose these beautiful creatures who loved us so. Heidi is the last thing of think of when I go to bed and try to get some sleep and when I wake up I feel that, now familiar, "bad feeling" and then it hits me why. I hate that feeling as much as I miss her. I live from day to day and hour to hour and just want to feel "normal" again. I know that is impossible because she is gone. I talk to her every day as you do Charlie. I look out the kitchen window and see her grave and still can't believe that she is there and not in my arms. When I go in the back yard to feed the birds it hurts so much when I know she isn't in the house frantically waiting for me to forget about all the other living creatures and just come and play with her. I am crying again, of course and I am at work, so I had better stop and fix my face so I don't have to "explain." You are in my prayers. Love, Joan

Do what you feel is right
by: Lynne

I understand the pain you are feeling right now. I lost my darling boy Lewis nearly three years ago and it still hurts. I just wanted to say don't listen to people who tell you to get over it. Take your time to grieve your Charlie and if you want your animal calender's up, put them up it is nothing to do with anyone else and when you feel like talking about Charlie, do so if people don't want to listen they can always walk away.

It is obvious these people have no compassion and don't understand the bond some people have with there fur babies. At first I felt like you but then I thought what the hell I loved my boy and I don't care if the world thinks I'm crazy so I talked about him I cried for him and yes maybe there were a few eyes rolling but you know what I didn't care he was my boy and I wanted everyone to know how much I loved him and missed him how my heart had broken in two when he left.

How can you forget in such a short space of time. We all grieve in our own way and it does take time but eventually it does get better the tears turn to laughter when you think of all the fun times you had together.

I hope your pain eases with time

RIP Charlie.

They are only a whisper away.

Your wonderful Golden Boy - Your Life...
by: Theresa

Dear Sun,

I have read every entry of your love to your wonderful Charlie and I know the pain in each and every word you write.
I have been where you are now trust me and I feel so much for your loss.
I didn't want to be here anymore after I lost my Shimma and Zeus but I had to try for the sake of my 2 other babies, Wolfie and Lola.
The pain does ease little by little but it takes time (what a cliche) and a lot of tears and sleepless nights.

There are no quick fixes cos as you say people don't understand, that to true animal lovers it is the same grief as losing a human child but they can't get their heads around that so they just say well its only a pet, move on, but you can't, they were more to you than anyone could imagine.

My heart goes out to you for your loss and it was
terrible that you lost Charlie at such a young age and there are no words of conscellation to justify that especially when you said that he suffered on the last day at the vets, (which they denied) but he knew you loved him soooo much and that's what counts and you were with him at the end as I was mine.

Please when you fall apart remember you have lost your bestest bestest friend and allow yourself to mourn and grieve despite of what others think, I did and I didn't care and trust me I went crazy, totally fell to pieces.

We are all here for each other and helping each other through as we all feel the same pain and heartache of everyones loss as if it were our own.

May God bless your Beautiful Charlie and you Sun and give you strength to get through this until you can be together again.

With Love and Understanding...

Theresa x

We understand
by: Diana


Even though so many people don't understand the pain you are in, we all do. People who think you should "just get over it" have never had the loving bond that you had with Charlie. They could never know the joy and love you shared with him. You will always have that love, and in time you will remember the joy without so much pain. But it will take time.

I have found the same in my life. I seem to be the only one of Leya's family that is still in so much pain, and I too cannot talk to them or mention it to them. They can't understand why I am still "like this". I try to hide my tears as much as I can. It isn't good to keep these feelings in, so I am so thankful that you keep writing to Charlie here and we can try to reassure you that we are with you and we do understand your pain.

I know you want Charlie to visit you in your dreams, and I too have asked Leya to come to me in mine. So far for me, I have not had that dream come true either. Maybe they know it would be too hard to wake up after the dream and face the day without them. Maybe they think we are not ready yet. But I think they will visit us in time. We need to have faith that they will.

It has been 5 months since I lost Leya. I was afraid to see other Doberman's because they would remind me of her. But today, I went to a doberman rescue and took some things for them. I spent some time with 3 beautiful dobermans. I swear they knew how I felt inside and they just sat beside me so lovingly and let me hold and pat them. It was like they understood my pain. I know it is too early for you yet, but I have found a Golden rescue in Texas called Golden Beginnings. They have a website if you ever feel like you would like to see them. I plan to make a donation to them in Charlie's name. They are beautiful dogs, but I know Charlie was the most beautiful of all. Give yourself time Sun, it's a very long and slow road but we will get there in time. Please keep writing and remember, we all are with you on that road.

Keeping you and Charlie in my thoughts...


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Jan 28, 2011