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So sad...
by: Mum/Scotland

Your story made me cry about your best friend... I had to do the same thing and make the decision to put my boy to sleep and it's killing me.
I read your story so carefully because I feel like I betrayed my 14 year old boy he hadn't been diagnosed with anything terminal, he was old, blind and couldn't poo although not in pain he was distressed.. I take comfort from your happy times with your friend and all that he brought to your life.
You were so lucky to have him and I was so honoured to have my boy.

Please share how you are coping as time moves on I cannot get his last look out of my head and I miss him like no-one could ever believe... only others who have suffered the same loss.

God Bless Kenny and You
by: Anonymous

I am still trying to figure out how something that we love so much is taken away from us. Unfortunately I have not found the answer myself. My sympathies to you during this time. I think this is what we sign up for when we have a pet. At least Kenny knows how much love you have for him and that you saw him all the way through. You are Kenny's true friend. Although it is painful now, over time you will not forget but you will be able to live with his passing.

I am happier knowing that my girl (Mitze-cat) was able to finish her life out with me. I write this with a tear rolling down my cheek (I still get caught in the moment sometimes. After a few months went by a friend of a friend could not keep a cat that she inherited with her neighbor passing away. I have taken her on and she is a blessing to be with. She does not replace the one I lost, but the first (Mitze) opened my eyes to see that there are many others to love and give love back.

Be sure to talk about it with people as that is what seemed to help me the most. God bless you and Kenny during this hard time and temporary separation.

Very sorry
by: Anonymous

I am very sorry for your loss

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