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You are not alone
by: Theresa

I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful boy.
Everything you are going through is understandable to all the animal lovers in this world, I being just one of them.
No you don't realise what losing them means until it happenns to you but all I can say is be there for his brother because his grief and mourning is as great as yours.
Love him all the more and give him extra attention because the void in his life can never be replaced and only you know why, he doesn't, he just knows that his brother isn't there anymore but he will continue to wait for him.
I know because I lost my lovely Zeusy and Shimma just 4 months apart because she didn't want to go on without her long-life companion and she just gave up, waiting for him to come home.

Your beautiful Mateo will always be with you, maybe not in body but in soul, and always with his brother.

Take care of you both,

You are in my prayers and in my thoughts...

Theresa x

My Heart Is With You
by: Sandy Pegg

My heart is broken and has been since Sept 20 2010 when I lost my beagle Lucky to cancer. Had him for 13 1/2 years. I'm so lost without him I can't stand to wake up each morning. He was like a child to me, got him when he was 6 wks old. I am so sorry for your loss of Mateo, he looks so precious in his picture. My heart hurts with you. Wish I could say something to ease your pain but I can't seem to find a way to ease mine. I will say to not let others that don't understand your pain get to you. They just don't understand and nothing you can say or do can make them understand. I feel your pain and once again I'm so sorry.

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