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Canine Soulmates
by: Coral (UK)

I lost my 14 year old Springer Ralph 5th Nov 2011 after almost 13 years together and just over a year on I still grieve and cry for him most days. He was my saviour, my heart, my family, my friend and my canine soul mate. The house still feels so empty without him. I went from the stage of "I'm never going through this again" to now " I would love some day to give another rescue dog a home one day". Even though it only feels like I lost him yesterday and my heart still aches for him I know he would want me to give another a home. And as much as it hurts I wouldn't change a thing, I would go through it all again to have another 13 years with him. I like you did everything I could for my furry friend but sometimes it's out of our control. Jake knew how much you loved him and although I don't think we ever truly get over the loss of our furry loved ones I think the pain becomes easier to bear with time. I've collected lots of toys and Christmas treats to take to a local shelter in honour of Ralph and I've got people at work involved, I know he would be proud of that
Thinking of you at this very sad time.
Love Coral (UK)

Our greatest love is gone
by: Jerry

I feel your pain as our Cairn Terrier Abbey passed away Nov 12, 2012. She was our angel for 17 years and all she wanted was to give and receive love. the emptiness in my heart is enough to feel suffocated. We all miss her so much..........

Another Angel in Heaven
by: Ed

I'm so sorry for your loss ..

I lost my girl Co Co 11 months ago after having her for only two years ... I'm still heartbroken and miss her her each and every day.

Take comfort in knowing that you gave Jake 2.5 years of love and that he is now in God's care, healthy, whole, and free of any sickness/pain.

May God bless you and hold you close during this extremely difficult time

Ed in Denver

A Hug For You
by: Vicky

Dear Beril, I cried reading your story about your beautiful furbaby Jake. I too lost the light of my life Scooby on the 13th October after he suffered a stroke ten days earlier. He couldn't regain his bowel/bladder function and we had to let him go. I'm so sorry for you. To come home and find that this had happened to your love must have been terrible for you especially when he was only two. It's only in the last few days that I have begun to feel stronger again. I've had three days since the 2nd October when Scoob had his stroke that I haven't cried, cried and cried some more. Please know that there are other people out here who are suffering too and although we may be at slightly different stages, the pain is really never far away. I hope you find a little peace in these darkest of days remembering all the love you shared together. Love and light to you, Vicky (UK).

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