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When I first lost a pet, there was no such thing as pet bereavement products. Pets were left at the vets, or buried at home in the garden and that was it, there was very little and often no recognition of a pet owners need to grieve for their lost companion.

Nowadays there are a wealth of pet bereavement products to choose from such as pet urns, custom made urns for pet ashes, pet urn jewelry and pet memorial jewelry ranging from very basic but necessary items to unique, handcrafted and personalized pet memorials.

Not only do these items offer a greater choice to pet owners than ever before but their presence also helps raise awareness and aids recognition of the fact that pet loss really does matter, and that people really do need the same kinds of rituals and ceremonies when dealing with pet loss as they do when faced with human loss.

When you are facing or dealing with the loss of a pet it can be very difficult to think about the kinds of pet bereavement products you are likely to want or need. If your pet is poorly it can feel like a betrayal to even think about such things, and if you have already lost your pet you can be overwhelmed by the numbness and denial that the thought of having to deal with such issues is just to raw and too much.
But if you can it's a good idea to think about these things as early as possible. It may seem morbid but we know our pets will unfortunately likely have shorter lifespans than our own so planning ahead wherever possible and deciding what sorts of things you would want in advance can give you a plan to follow and can help you moving through grief.

If you've lost your pet suddenly or are already dealing with their loss, the thought of trawling through the internet to find what is available can be overwhelming. I have created this pet bereavement products section to give you a shortcut to the kinds of products that are available and to highlight some of the great products I've found whilst searching myself. It is my hope that this will give you an introduction to the wealth of choices you now have available and save you time searching when I know from personal experience you will least feel like doing so.

When I was researching pet loss in order to study the courses I took and eventually to build this website, I often found products online that I just had to bookmark because often I'd just never heard of them and probably never would have if I hadn't been researching so thoroughly. So I kept a record of all these products and over the following pages would like to share some of them with you.

As I am a keen DIYer I'll also be sharing ideas of how to make similar products yourself or how to convert existing products or things you already own into pet memorial items.

Throughout this section of the site some but not all of the products I highlight are from affiliate merchants who either manufacture and/or supply the items. If you click on an ad banner, product link or text link and buy something from one of these merchants, I receive a small commission in return. This commission goes towards the running and upkeeping of this site.

None of these companies pays me in any other way. The compensation received will never influence the content, topics or articles found on this site and I will never recommend anything on this site simply because I am paid commission to do so. I have found these products whilst researching pet loss or whilst seeking pet bereavement products for my own use and will only recommend those products which I personally have been impressed with and which I think will be of value to my visitors.

You are of course perfectly able to buy these products directly yourself but I do hope to further aid you in your search for pet bereavement products by highlighting some of the great products I've found and that you may not have come across before.

So if you have found this site helpful and would like to support us, one way of doing so is to use the links contained in this section to access these products.

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