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Jan 31, 2011

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Leya & Hippo
by: Sun, Charlie's mom

Dear Diana,
Thank you so much for your endless support you've been giving me and loving my Charlie, especially when you've lost your own child Leya. I thought I was the only one who just cries whenever I listen to the music especially while driving, and yet that's almost special time "alone" with Charlie, no interruption from the world, even if I don't work. Therefore, it's unbearably sad and I cry all the way to wherever I go and come home, that's my time alone with Charlie.

Diana, it's great that you're finally able to go see other Dobermans. But, Leya is with you wherever you are, we just cannot see her...
I can relate to how your heart is totally breaking when you think of Leya's eyes. I just cry when I think of Charlie's nail, anything! I wish I could write you directly and thank you personally for your contributing to Golden Retrievers rescue club and all of your unbelievable support and love. My email is: I wonder if you could let me know of yours? Love, Sun

Diana & Leya
by: Diana

Hi Diana,

I have read your posts and your love for Leya is so obvious. I am sure she knew you loved her.

I lost my beagle (Shiloh) of 9 years to lymphoma back in August and I still have the tears (especially when driving by the neighborhood we lived in them... imagine him walking along the sidewalks with my husband and the immense happiness he showed when he saw me in my van coming home... his whole rear end shook with excitement and the baying) and the longing to see him again. Just pulling these memories out when writing to you brought both a smile and tears. I miss our old home that had all the memories of him in it... we still own it and are trying to sell it... but I dread that day it sells. To not be able to go there and feel something so special come over me (perhaps his presence).

I have come to terms that when we put Shiloh to sleep (the day after staying up all night with him massaging his neck trying to ease his breathing, crying and holding him.... telling him it was okay to go... you just know when it is) it was the right thing to do because we loved him so much. He held on so long for us.... went through 8 months of chemotherapy. I, as a nurse, knew the outlook was not good, but I still held on for a miracle.

What I want you to know is you need to find peace with yourself if you haven't already. You sound like a really special person with a great deal of love you gave Leya. As a nurse, I read your symptoms and they concern me. The fact that you aren't able to listen to music and enjoy anything... please check with your doctor if this persists. I will keep you in my prayers. I believe we will see our pets again... and in many ways I still feel Shiloh.

We have since then got another dog.... I love him, but he's not Shiloh. The look in Shiloh's eyes was one I miss.... I just knew he loved me, understood me and knew how I felt. They take a piece of us with them when they pass.

Please Take Care and be easy on yourself,


Unconditional Love
by: Pat

I am crying as I read your words. There is no love like the love of a dear pet. It is so intense. Our beautiful babies make our world a much better place to be. Trust me - you will feel less pain as time goes on but that feeling will never really go away. You will have times that you break down always. I am almost 1 and a half years into my loss and the feeling of my great loss is reduced as my wonderful memories replace the sadness. For me there is a huge hole that can't be filled by any other bubby ( what I called my Blue) as you have experienced with the other Dobermans. What may help is to try and think of the wonderful times with your Litte Hippo when you feel the over whelming sadness coming on - it may help. God bless you and I hope that your Little Hippo visits you soon.

I feel the same
by: Dolores

Hi Diana,
I just lost my Yorkie Noelle on Jan. 31st, my husband got in from work and found her gone. On Sunday, Jan. 30th, I woke up with an immense sense of grief and I cried and cried and had no idea why. But now I know, I think Noelle was somehow letting me know that she was letting go. Noelle, was a quiet loving baby, we had no idea of how old she was because I took her in when her owner could not keep her any more. She was the light of my eyes, this morning I woke up to do my morning routine with my other dogs and I was all choked up because Noelle was not there. I too cry at work all the time, and don't feel like getting up at all. I don't even want to play with my other dogs because she is not there.

The house is not the same, I too would give anything to see her tail wagging and feel her little paws scratching my leg. I have her pictures everywhere, I feel awful that I was not with her to hold her and tell her how much I loved her. I too pray that she come to me and I can smell her scent all around me.

Hang in there Diana, although it feels like the pain will never stop, one day you'll wake up and feel better. Keep Leya's pictures out, hang them on your wall and say good morning and good night and it helps. I put pictures of Noelle all over my house and in my office at work and knowing that I can see her brings me a little comfort. Noelle will never be replaced, and that's why it hurts because they were such good, kind, loving souls that they deserve to live forever; and they do, in our hearts and minds. We have made a soul connection that will continue forever.

Be well my friend and many hugs, kisses, to both Leya and Noelle, hopefully they are together playing in Rainbow Bridge as they wait for us.

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Jan 31, 2011


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