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Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Cat Fern' 
Please read the story in its entirety before jumping to any conclusions about her outdoor access. I lost my cat Fern three days ago to a car. I had …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'Fluffy, We Will Miss You' 
Our wonderful cat Fluffy passed away in the early hours of Sun, Sept 18 2011. We thought that she would go on Sat instead she rallied and was able to share …

Your Pet Loss Stories

I adopted Desi less than 2 years ago along with 2 other older unwanted black cats from the Humane Society. She didn't like the other cats and was always …

Your Pet Loss Stories

4:45pm 9/9/2011 my cat went to sleep. She was 15 years old, had went from weighing 20 pounds to only 6. In our car ride to the vet, she was purring, …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'Going Home' 
August 1996 - October 5, 2010 The love of my sweet Farley Girl was like no other love I've known. I will always miss you sweetheart and thank you …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Awesome Cat Dexter' 
I remember selecting this beautiful 8 week old ginger and white kitten from the pet-shop a little over 2 years ago. He just had something about him, an …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'Beautiful, Brave, Domino' 
Ten days ago I lost my darling Domino. He was a rescue cat who I only had for two and a bit years but the bond was incredible, he was a timid boy despite …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Baby Boy Fred' 
My 1 year old cat - Fred had 1 bad case of diarrhoea & then later in the day seemed restless, but ate his food. the next day he was worse. I took him to …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'Domino Dax' 
I shared my story with you shortly after my baby fell asleep. My grief was so acute and overwhelming. I too am surrounded my people who do not understand …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'Domino Dax'
On Tuesday, Dec 30th, 2008, I had to say goodbye to my furry friend, Domino Dax. I always called him Daxi. He was my baby. He loves his mama and his mama …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Fluffy Friend' 
She came into my life full of love and left the same way. For 14 years she was the mistress of the house, she was a fussy eater and slept wherever she …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Biggest Fan' 
I had five cats, four boys, one girl. It's just me and the boys now. I had to say goodbye to my Dusty on Jan. 28 2013. Dusty was the second of the …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Biggest Fan' 
I had five cats, four boys one girl. Now it's just me and the boys. On Jan. 28 2013, I had to say good-by to my Dusty. Dusty became a member of my …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Lovi Elli' 
I lost my love today and I am unable to clearly say how much my heart is broken! She is the first pet I have ever lost and it is hard to write theough …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'A Letter for Finn' 
Dear Finn, I freaken miss you every second, remember when I used to call your name out and you'd look at me, so when I said "Finn... I love you" all …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'Farewell To My First Cat 2010' 
Well, I had a black cat a lady had given to me. His name was Diego and he looked like that picture. Diego and I became really close. We would always …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Baby Guy'  
I have had Duky for 20 years I came home from yoga today and he was having a really hard time breathing. It turns out he had fluid in his lungs. I lost …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'Furry My Black and White Cat Who Died on Hanukkah' 
On December 24, 2005 I lost my cat Furry at 9 years old from diabetes. We cried like crazy. We had to put her down. She was losing hair. We couldn't save …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'Message from Fredrick - An Ordinary Cat' 
My name is Fredrick. I am told I should be a majestic Maine Coon cat but at this point no one can tell because I am smaller and don't have the puffy coat …

Your Pet Loss Stories

Daisy Left our lives as quietly as she came into them. When I was almost six years old she appeared one day A grey fluffy scrawny kitten, with a tail broken …

Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Special Baby Cat Ellie'
We got Ellie from a farm last November she was so tiny. When we took her to the vet for a kitten check the vet told us she was actually 3 or 4 weeks old …

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